An easy way to search Moodle has finally arrived.

This easy to use plugin allows users to quickly find content on Moodle.

Available on GitHub See a live demo

Screenshot of Moodle search plugin

Search Everywhere

The search plugin allows users to find courses, files, and every kind of activity across your entire Moodle installation. You can also add the search block to a course page and users can search within that course specifically.

Personalised Results

By default, users only see results from courses in which they are enrolled. The user can choose to show (but not access) results from the entire site. This helps them if there is content they need, but haven't been given access to. Admins can easily turn this ability on or off.

Text Shortcuts

IB, EE, PP. Your institution probably uses lots of abbreviations, but your users don't want to have to type these in full. You can add custom shortcuts to allow people to search for abbreviations, but also show results containing the full term.

Log Searches

Every search performed is recorded in your Moodle logs. You can see what your users are looking for and highlight content that is difficult to find or missing.

Tuned For Perfomance

The plugin is designed for ease of use but also with perfomance in mind. Results are cached, so frequently searched phrases can display results as fast as possible.

Easily Customizable

Site admins can easily set which types of results are searched for (e.g. categories, courses, activities, files, and/or folders).

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